Solidago odora

Growing Information

Plant Type: Perennial
Sunlight: Full sun, partial shade
Soils: Well-drained sandy soils
• Bloom Time: Late summer – August, September, yellow flowers
Size: 2-3 feet in height

Drought tolerant. Fragrant leaves have the scent of licorice. High ecological value and handsome appearance, it makes a valuable addition to wildflower gardens, meadows, and naturalistic borders.

Garden Companions

Grass-leaved Goldenrod (Euthamia graminifolia); Showy Goldenrod (Solidago speciosa); Old Field Goldenrod (Solidago nemoralis)

Nature Benefits

• Provides important nectar and pollen for native bees.
• Attracts birds, ladybugs, lacewings and other beneficial insects.

Native Habitat

Occurs naturally in fields and meadows.

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