Solidago bicolor

Growing Information

Plant Type: Perennial
Sunlight: Full to partial sun
Soils: poor, sandy, clay; dry to average moisture
Bloom Time: White to yellowish flowers July through October
Size: 1-3 feet tall; 1ft spread

This is an east coast native that is extremely drought and salt tolerant. Sap is distasteful to deer and rabbits. Like all goldenrods, it does not contribute to hayfever and is extremely important to supporting local food webs.

Garden Companions

Little bluestem grass (Schizachyrium scoparium); Yellow Wild Indigo (Baptisia tinctoria); Blue Wood Aster (Symphyotrichum cordifolium)

Nature Benefits

• Attracts a wide variety of pollinators, including specialized bees.
• Host plant for caterpillars of brown-hooded owlet, wavy-lined emerald, and others.
• Seeds are eaten by songbirds. 

Natural Habitat

Open woodlands.

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