Quercus ilicifolia

Growing Information

Plant Type: Shrub
Sunlight: Sun
Soils: Dry, average
Bloom Time: Insignificant
Size: 12-20 feet in height

Scrub Oak is also called Bear Oak and is one of the smaller and more gnarled oaks in New England. It recolonizes dry sites that have been repeatedly cut or burned.

Garden Companions

Black Huckleberry (Gaylussacia baccata), Bayberry (Morella pensylvanica), Pitch Pine (Pinus rigida)

Nature Benefits

• Larval host for Sleepy Duskywing and Eastern Buckmoth.
• Attracts large number of diverse insects in stands of Scrub Oaks.
• Acorns are food source for wildlife.

Native Habitat

Occurs in disturbed areas, woodlands, dry sandy barrens.

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