Ilex verticillata

Growing Information

Plant Type: Shrub
Sunlight: Sun, part shade, shade
Soils: Moist, medium wet, medium, dry (once established)
Bloom Time: White flowers in June
Size: 6-10 feet in height

Known for its stunning red berries in the late fall over the winter. Like any holly, it is dioecious, and berries are born on female plants provided there is a male plant within about 50 feet. Pollen is carried by the wind. Popular paired cultivars are ‘Jim Dandy’ (male plant grows to 5ft) and ‘Red Sprite’ (female plant matures at 3-4ft).

Garden Companions

Ink berry (Ilex glabra), Arrowwood (Viburnum dentatum), Red Osier (Cornus sericea)

Nature Benefits

• Berries are eaten by many songbirds in the winter.
• In its mature size, provides desirable nesting habitat.

Native Habitat

Occurs at wetland edges, pond edges, and vernal pools.

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