Parthenocissus quinquefolia

Growing Information

Plant Type: Vine
Sunlight: Full sun, part shade
Soils: Acidic, well-drained, average
Bloom Time: May, June, although flowers are inconspicuous
Size: 30 feet in height

Also called Virginia Creeper and American Ivy. The vine has adhesive pads that enable it to climb. It will also crawl as groundcover. It provides exceptional red fall color.

Garden Companions

Best grown on trellis, garden arbors or fences.

Nature Benefits

• Blue or black berries are important fall and winter food for songbirds and game birds.
• Berries are also eaten by small mammals.
• Host plant for the Pandora sphinx moth caterpillar, the Virginia Creeper Sphinx

Native Habitat

Occurs in woodland edges, roadsides and open forests.

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